Our Team

Jamie Hansman 

Jamie Hansman 

Wealth Advisor



Jamie has over 25 years of experience and has been President of HMC Investment Management (previously Hansman McAvoy & Co. Inc.) since 1994.  "When I first began in the investment business, I found the big firms to be product pushing companies concerned only with their bottom line, not my clients bottom line.  I guess I was a bit naïve and it was an eye-opening experience.  Since breaking away from the wire houses and starting my own firm, I have been able to develop deeper relationships with my clients and focus on doing what is best for them.  Clients deserve to play on a level playing field and I am able to provide them with a fair and balanced approach.

Seeking to provide his clients with a cost-effective approach, Jamie prefers a fee-based approach instead of charging commissions for each transaction. "We work tirelessly to do what is best for our clients.  I believe integrity is the single most important trait to look for in an investment advisor representative."

Jamie has been a long-time resident of Duxbury with his wife and 3 children.  He has spent is spare time coaching soccer, working with non-profit organizations, and playing the occasional bad round of golf. 

Call or email him if you need some help with your personal situation. 

When placing brokerage trades, commission fees would apply. 

HMC Investment Management is not affiliated with LPL Financial.

Peter Livingston 

Peter Livingston 

LPL Branch Manager

 (704) 658-9190  


Providing investment advice since 1986, Peter has assisted numerous families with their retirement planning. Peter has also assisted many small business owners with retirement planning needs such as establishing 401 K's, self employed pension plans and corporate cash management programs.

A career with the Wall Street firms Bear Stearns, Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley led Peter to establish Old North Wealth management group in 1997. Aligning with LPL Financial, the largest independent brokerage firm in the U.S. (as reporter b Financial Planning magazine, Jun 1996-2019, based on total revenue). has allowed Peter to continue to specialize in 401 K distribution strategies, retirement planning and college planning with independent objective advice.

Serving the needs of Main street investors, our mission is to inspire you to make informed decisions through financial education, communication and service that exceeds your expectations.  We are deeply rooted in old fashioned core values such as integrity, knowledge and personalized service.

HMC Investment Management and Livingston Financial are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

<b>Brooke Graham</b>

Brooke Graham

Administrative Assistant  

(704) 658-9190


Brooke Graham is an executive assistant at Livingston Financial. In this position, Brooke handles client communication, processes new client onboarding, handles customer service and social media marketing. She serves as an additional contact for clients and is an advocate in old fashioned core values such as integrity, knowledge and personalized service.

Prior to employment, Brooke graduated with honors from Salem College with a BA in psychology. She is currently enrolled in Wake Forest master’s program.